Primary psychological injury claims on the rise

Posted by Riskology on 02/07/24 09:32

Originally published by the Australian Institute of Health & Safety.

There has been a 47.5 per cent increase in primary psychological injury claims from 2019 to 2023 under Allianz Australia’s national claims portfolio.

These claims are also resulting in 29.9 per cent increase in average claims costs and 30.2 per cent increase in time loss, equating to some 655,000 days of absence in the Allianz portfolio alone, according to Brianna Cattanach, national manager for mental health at Allianz Australia.

What are psychosocial hazards and how to manage them

Posted by Riskology on 02/07/24 09:19

Over the past 20 years there has been a shift in the focus of occupational or work health and safety risk management. Traditional occupational safety concerns focus primarily on physical hazards and we’re only now acknowledging the psychological and social aspects of risks in our workplaces.

3 Top Tips to Help You Prevent Data Breaches in Your Business

Posted by Riskology on 23/11/22 08:24

Today, cyber attacks are becoming more frequent, sophisticated and damaging, so protecting your data has never been more important. Recently, there have been some high profile local cases, with Optus, Medibank and Woolworths all experiencing significant data breaches. This has prompted regulators in Australia to increase penalties for serious or repeated breaches from $2.2 million, up to a maximum of $50 million

5 Steps To Dynamic Risk Management

Posted by Riskology on 19/10/22 08:45

Today, organisations are facing a multitude of uncertainty and potential risks that are seemingly everywhere. Ongoing rapid technological advances are increasing the potential for large scale data breaches. Thankfully, a flexible and dynamic risk management approach can do much to mitigate this heightened and ever-evolving level of risk.

How Software Helps Local Government Manage OHS Across Multiple Departments

Posted by Riskology on 28/06/22 10:30

For local governments, managing occupational health and safety (OHS) effectively across many departments can be challenging. With multiple work sites operating at any given time, all with their own unique set of conditions, tasks and hazards, a robust, adaptable and easy to use system is essential to keep staff and the public safe. 

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