Top 5 Events for Risk Professionals in Australia

Posted by Riskology on 16/09/20 10:31

While the world has gone virtually...virtual, there is no shortage of events for those in the risk profession. Even if you might prefer attending these occasions in person, with advanced video conferencing technology, they are still a wonderful opportunity to hear from world renowned thought leaders, stay on top of the latest trends, learn new approaches and connect with like-minded professionals. Take a look at our list of events you might not want to miss for the rest of the year!

Why Your WHS Management Needs Health Surveillance Software

Posted by Riskology on 19/08/20 09:25

We are facing lots of uncertainty at the moment. We don't know when there's going to be a vaccine for COVID-19, we don't know when we'll be able to travel freely or what 'normal' will look like after the dust settles. Dealing with this uncertainty is challenging, which is why it's important to focus on what we can control and tools that can help. Taking care of your staff who are at risk of experiencing adverse effects from their work, known as health surveillance, is one such practice.

How to Manage Psychological Risk in Your Workplace

Posted by Riskology on 29/07/20 09:49

According to the WHS Act, organisations are legally obligated to protect both their employees’ physical and psychological health. In other words, just as organisations must do what is reasonably practical to eliminate and reduce the risk of physical hazards, the same must be done for psychological hazards. 

How to Review Your WHS Control Measures & Make Sure They Remain Effective

Posted by Riskology on 15/07/20 09:20

When it comes to workplace health and safety, risk management involves identifying potential hazards, assessing the risks of those hazards and putting appropriate control measures in place to eliminate or reduce the risks. The work doesn’t stop there however. After control measures have been implemented, every workplace has an obligation to do their best to make sure they remain effective and to review them on an ongoing basis.

How to Address Key Risk Issues Concerning Australian Companies in 2020

Posted by Riskology on 24/06/20 11:16

The Governance Institute of Australia recently released its Risk Management Survey Report 2020, which collected responses from nearly 400 governance and risk professionals and senior executives across Australia, and identified top pressure points now and in the future. In an unprecedented year with the bushfires and the coronavirus pandemic, the report found that, understandably, more attention is being placed on risk. This has inevitably led, however, to the uncovering of gaps and issues in how organisations are managing said risks that need to be improved on moving forward. 

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