6 Types of Risks To Be Managed With Enterprise Risk Intelligence Software

Posted by Riskology on 08/09/21 17:25

If you're involved in risk management at your organisation, there’s sure to be a great deal of responsibility placed on your shoulders to ensure that not only threats to your organisation are managed, but that your company is positioned to meet its objectives and make informed decisions. Given the breadth of potential risks that might affect your workplace, we have compiled a list of some of the factors you should consider when building and executing your risk management plan.

3 Key Benefits of Digitising Incident Management

Posted by Riskology on 24/08/21 18:09

When it comes to managing incidents, the difference between a rapid, coordinated response and a delayed and fractured one can have huge consequences to your bottom line and reputation. 

How to Review Your WHS Control Measures & Make Sure They Remain Effective

Posted by Riskology on 28/07/21 17:23

When it comes to workplace health and safety, risk management involves identifying potential hazards, assessing the risks of those hazards and putting appropriate control measures in place to eliminate or reduce the risks. The work doesn’t stop there however. After control measures have been implemented, every workplace has an obligation to do their best to make sure they remain effective and to review them on an ongoing basis.

How to Design Better Audit & Inspection Forms with Software

Posted by Riskology on 22/07/21 08:56

These days, compliance is critical for every business—and for many, this means audits and inspections must be completed on a regular basis. To be sure you capture all the relevant information, and to make this process as efficient as possible, you need a user-friendly form that doesn’t over complicate things. 

How to Report & Manage Incidents Effectively

Posted by Riskology on 21/07/21 09:06

Employers are required by law to report certain incidents at work. These specific circumstances are deemed 'notifiable incidents'. While ideally the proper controls have been put in place to prevent incidents from happening in the first place, they do occur. Reporting them to work health and safety regulators can help identify the causes of the incidents and prevent similar incidents from occurring again. This has become even more important as we live through a pandemic crisis.

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