How to Manage Information Security Incidents

Posted by Riskology on 27/05/20 09:02

In today’s highly digital and global world, the potential for information security incidents has become more and more likely. Information security incidents are situations or issues where a threat has affected the security of your business network and the ability of your employees to do their work. Think hacking, malware, authentication issues and IT system failures. 

How to Report & Manage Incidents Effectively

Posted by Riskology on 27/11/19 09:06

Employers are required by law to report certain incidents at work. These specific circumstances are deemed 'notifiable incidents'. While ideally the proper controls have been put in place to prevent incidents from happening in the first place, they do occur. Reporting them to work health and safety regulators can help identify the causes of the incidents and prevent similar incidents from occurring again.

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