Business Continuity Module

The Business Continuity Module will assist you to identify critical processes and create plans based on best practices to minimise the impact of a disruption to your organisation

Features include:

  • Manage BCM based on ISO 22301
  • Template key recovery strategies
  • Standardise your BCM process
  • Better manage resourcing
  • User-friendly and intuitive interface
  • Emergency/crisis management
  • Business/crisis/disaster recovery plans
  • Automatic team member notifications
  • Determine business needs vs IT capability
  • Easily invoke plans based on the situation
  • Recovery time/point objective
  • Interconnectivity analysis
  • Easily test your plans
  • Dashboard reporting
  • Track improvement efforts post testing
  • One click reporting on resourcing
  • Link risks with Business Continuity Plans
  • All your plans available on your phone
  • Capture internal/external dependencies
  • Easily view critical functions/processes
  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • and much more...

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