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Identify, Assess & Mitigate

Based on ISO 31000, RiskWare is an extremely intuitive yet powerful module enabling you to identify, access and mitigate risks providing you with complete control over your organisations entire risk environment.

Risk managers
Risk Managers

Risk Control Library

Define and utilise a library of risk controls to help determine risk control effectiveness. This provides your organisation with a standard methodology linking results to performance.

KRI Monitoring

Create a library of Key Risk Indicators and assign them to applicable risks to help provide risk owners with unparalleled intelligence. Understanding how internal and external factors impact operations and your risk environment has never been easier.

Risk Managers
Risk Managers

Risk Intelligence

From standard heat maps, risk trends, top risks, mitigation treatments, bow tie and fish bone analysis to sophisticated Monte Carlo simulations your organisation will have insights as never before.

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Defence SA

"It offers a lot of different solutions not just for risk but for also WHS management and business continuity planning"

– Paul Bates
General Manager Infrastructure
Techport Australia Common User Facility

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