5 Ways for Organisations to Better Manage Risk  [INFOGRAPHIC]

Posted by Riskology on 02/10/19 09:21


3 Steps to Develop KRIs for your Enterprise Risk Management Plan

Posted by Riskology on 11/09/19 09:21

When creating an enterprise risk management plan for your organisation, an integral component to your framework will be Key Risk Indicators (KRIs). Key risk indicators measure the potential risk related to a specific action that could negatively affect your company as well as the likeliness of risks occurring. You can think of them as early warning signals that alert your organisation to financial, operational and reputational issues, to name a few, so you can take early action to avoid or mitigate the possible risks. They are typically quantitative, often in the form of percentages, and when detected, serve as an impetus for deciding how to take action.

How Enterprise Risk Management Can Improve Your Organisation

Posted by Riskology on 04/09/19 09:15

If you are an enterprise you must know the many challenges that you might face running an organisation with a lot of moving parts. While you ensure that you get the business to run efficiently, you should be leaning on a robust software to manage your risks and communicate with your board, committee and business units.

5 Key Features to Look for in Enterprise Risk Management Software

Posted by Riskology on 22/05/19 10:08

Once your organisation has committed to building a solid Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) strategy, it will be crucial to invest in the best tools to inform and execute that strategy in order to make sound business decisions. This is where enterprise risk management software comes in and there are five essential features you need to look for.

What is Enterprise Risk Management & Why is it Important?

Posted by Riskology on 08/05/19 15:01

If you’ve Googled Enterprise Risk Management (ERM), the results can make your head spin. To simplify what all this means, we’re going back to the basics of what ERM is and why it’s something organisations need to invest in.

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