Compliance Module

The Compliance Module will help you ensure both your internal and external obligations are met so you don't fail to meet your regulatory requirements

Features include:

  • Manage compliance based on ISO 19600
  • Link risks to compliance obligations
  • Standardise your compliance process
  • Get a holistic view of compliance
  • User friendly and intuitive interface
  • Cross industry compliance
  • Assign ownership and accountability
  • Manage compliance more effectively
  • Rate and prioritise your obligations
  • Configurable to your organisational needs
  • Categorise your compliance obligations
  • Interconnectivity analysis
  • Identify requirements to meet obligations
  • Create custom reports
  • Add evidence demonstrating compliance
  • Report on non-compliance
  • Attach documents supporting compliance
  • Report on compliance progress updates
  • Keep a complete history
  • Keep a complete audit history
  • Define the source of your obligations
  • and much more...

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