Claims Management Module

The Claims Management Module will help you provide advanced case management tools, high levels of transparency, robust return to work and rehabilitation functions and compensation management processes

Features include:

  • Link claims and cases with incidents
  • Override reconciliation processing
  • Compensation and early intervention
  • Approve pay run data and adjustments
  • Manage via a single consolidated register
  • Development of return to work plans
  • Access an "Alerts Dashboard"
  • RTW and medical certificates
  • Secure claims and case notes
  • Track RTW Plans approvals and rejections
  • Maintain claim and case statuses
  • Close RTW Plans with reasons for closure
  • Record medical certificates
  • Clone RTW Plans when graduating
  • Track conciliation disputes and outcomes
  • Format and brand your RTW Plans
  • Record pre-injury weekly earnings
  • Generate emails containing RTW Plans
  • Maintain a list of claims and case contacts
  • Develop and template Standard Letters
  • Record medical and other expenses
  • and much more...

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