Department of Transport selects RiskWare

Posted by Riskology on Jul 11, 2011 9:47:00 PM

Melbourne – The Department of Transport (DOT) aims to move people and goods more safely, sustainably and efficiently and provide a transport system that supports people, the environment and the economy within the state of Victoria.

DOT manages many multi-million dollar projects including $403 million to boost public transport and $603 million to address traffic congestion. Enterprise and project risk management is key to ensuring that risks are mitigated as far as practicable. DOT sought a system that was functionally rich, user-friendly and easy to customise to DOT’s unique environment.

PAN Software is pleased to announce that DOT has selected RiskWare – Enterprise Risk Intelligence Software to manage both enterprise and project risk. We look forward to adding DOT to the growing family of tm_rw-trans users and working with the DOT Enterprise Risk Management team to implement tm_rw-trans throughout the organisation.

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