Enterprise Risk Intelligence Software

The RiskWare software platform is made up of 10 integrated modules that encompass the full spectrum of enterprise risk management. RiskWare consolidates disparate, loosely integrated and often archaic existing risk-based applications with one web-enabled solution. Our customisable platform allows you to choose which risk management software modules to deploy for your organisation's requirements and budget


Corporate Governance

Effective and sound corporate governance practices and frameworks contribute to your organisation achieving strategic and operational objectives.

The Corporate Governance module will help your organisation achieve your strategic and operational objectives. Using best-practices in corporate governance, the board, relevant stakeholders, chief risk officers and risk managers will have a clear and transparent view of organisational health and performance.

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Risk Management

Sound risk management is a fundamental element for successful and proactive business operations. The Risk Management module will help you to identify, assess, control and manage potential impacts to the organisation.

Applying an organisational ERM framework will ensure an elective and consistent approach to risk management.

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Organisations today, no matter what their size or shape, must comply and operate in an increasingly complex and regulated environment.

The Compliance module will help you to meet regulatory and internal obligations that contribute to your organisational objectives. This will help you to demonstrate due diligence in your legal obligations and internal processes.

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Business Continuity

Today, more than ever, effective business continuity planning is essential to ensuring businesses are able to operate in the event of an unplanned occurrence.

The Business Continuity module will assist you to scope potential disasters or business interruptions, the effect on the organisation and prepare plans to allow the organisation to better manage disruptions.

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Incident Management

When incidents occur it is important to understand why and prevent recurrence.

The Incident Management module will allow you to log, manage and track incidents through to resolution. The system can be customised to escalate the investigation process to different levels of management based on levels of severity and it also allows for management tracking and close-out of incident reports.

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Health & Safety

Your most important asset is your employees.

The Health & Safety module, based on occupational health and safety best-practice, will enable you to develop a systematic approach to assist you in meeting your legal obligations and ensure your employees are provided with a safe and healthy working environment.

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In today's highly regulated environment, organisations must be conscious of their environmental impact and strive to integrate their environmental efforts with other business activities.

The Environmental module will help you minimise your environmental liabilities, maximise the efficient use of resources, reduce waste, demonstrate good corporate citizenship and build awareness of environmental knowledge among employees.

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Audit Management

The Audit Management module will help your organisation design a wide range of audits, schedule them to be conducted by auditors for completion and assign audit recommendations to ensure compliance.

The flexible audit framework allows for a variety of audit types to be developed. Audits can vary from complex system audits, workplace audits, quality audits, financial audits or simple inspections or questionnaires.

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Claims Management

Your organisation's risk exposure can be significantly affected by a worker's compensation claim potentially leading to increases in insurance premiums, litigation and regulatory penalties.

The Claims Management module will help to minimise these effects by providing advanced case management tools, high levels of transparency, robust return to work and rehabilitation functions, and compensation management processes.

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Risk Analytics

The Risk Analytics module enables you to turn your risk and incident data into strategic management information with the power of advanced analytics.

Risk Analytics will enable you to gain instant access to performance metrics, graphs and charts, management dashboards, reports, risk profiles and key risk indicators to provide a real-time view of organisational performance.

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