Pan Software Announces RiskWare Academy

Posted by Riskology on 14/08/19 09:20

Pan Software is pleased to announce the launch of RiskWare Academy, offering a range of courses designed to train RiskWare users on every key aspect of the software. Hosted at our on-site training centre in our Hawthorn office, fondly referred to as the #Panplex, the courses are led by on-staff RiskWare experts and follow a hands-on approach, working through real-life examples and scenarios. 

LOGO ACDEMY ec6d23In our team's ongoing effort to build great, functional software that makes our client's lives easier, the purpose of RiskWare Academy is for participants to leave with relevant skills and knowledge they can put to use daily and to feel confident they are using RiskWare as effectively as possible for their risk management efforts. 

Ranging from a half-day to a day long, classes will always have 10 students or fewer to ensure plenty of one-on-one time with instructors, and because our team believes in prioritising fun, they have been structured to not only be beneficial, but enjoyable as well.

The available courses currently cover the following six RiskWare modules. 

  • Enterprise Risk Management: Best for employees managing risk, like Chief Risk Officers, Risk Managers and Risk Advisors/Champions.
  • Business Continuity Management: Recommended for employees who will be managing business continuity and recovery efforts for their organisations, such as Crisis Managers, BCM Co-ordinators and Disaster Recovery Managers.
  • Incident & Hazard Reporting: Best for employees who will be reporting incidents or hazards and Supervisors tasked with managing reported incidents and hazards. 
  • Compliance Management: Designed for employees who will be managing or contributing to the management of compliance, including Compliance Managers, Risk Managers, Compliance/Champions, etc.
  • Health & Safety System Administration: Best for employees tasked with the administration of the RiskWare system within their organisation.
  • Audit & Inspections Management: Ideal for employees who will be creating, scheduling and conducting both scheduled Audits and Checklists and Inspections.

RiskWare Academy Training Centre

We are thrilled to be offering these opportunities for our clients to learn and grow their expertise with RiskWare, and look forward to seeing some friendly faces very soon.

To view the latest schedule of available courses and book your first course, click the link below! 


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