5 Steps To Avoid Risky Behaviour at RMIA 2018

Posted by Riskology on 30/10/18 12:30

The 2018 RMIA National Conference kicks off soon on the Gold Coast (Wednesday 31st–November 2nd). No doubt that if you are attending, you will be an expert in risk. But have you considered some of the following risks that might take place while you're there?


Here's a sample...

1. Missing a Speaker
RISK: missing one of the 50 excellent speakers at the conference, who will be speaking on a wide range of topics.
RISK MANAGEMENT: look after yourself so you can get the most out of our wonderful presenters.  You can do this by double checking the agenda here.

2. Not Seeing the Sun
RISK: not making the most of the weather by forgetting bathers/relaxation clothes.
RISK MANAGEMENT: bring bathers, shorts, and comfortable clothes to make the most of the beautiful Gold Coast sun in your down time!

3. Networking Errors
RISK: forgetting business cards.
RISK MANAGEMENT: remember to bring your business cards and make the most of the networking opportunities at the Conference – don't be a stranger!

4. Not Entering a Competition for A Free MacBook Air
RISK: not taking a selfie to enter into the RMIA Competition for a free MacBook Air.
RISK MANAGEMENT: take a selfie at the Conference, upload it and comment on the Facebook post to go into the running for a free MacBook Air. 

5. Enjoying Yourself
RISK: not having a great time.
RISK MANAGEMENT: We're just joking on this one. We're sure you'll have a fantastic time, and can't wait to see you on the 31st!

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