Workforce Vaccination Status Module

Record & centralise your workforce vaccination records to improve safety, wellbeing and meet your legal compliance obligations with ease.


We're on a mission to make the world a little less risky

To get your employees back to work safer, we're introducing
the new Workforce Vaccination Status Module as part of RiskWare's Health & Safety Suite.


Utilising either the app or the web portal, your workforce can quickly and easily self-report on their vaccination status and attach evidence such as their COVID-19 digital certificate.

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vaccination register

Once employees report on their vaccination status, data can easily be viewed by authorised users in a central repository via the Vaccination Register.

Setup workflows & configure the Vaccination module to work with your business requirements - setup employee self-reporting or have the line manager enter the vaccination details.

workflow vaccinations tracking
vaccination tracker data

Visualise your data and analyse it at an individual, departmental or organisational level to clearly show your workforce vaccination status. Turn data to knowledge.

Secure. Safe. Confidential.

Data stored in our certified ISO 27001 Australian-based data centre and is never off-shored. 

Make Returning To Work Easy

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