Celebrating 20 years of software innovation and customer service.

In November 2023, we celebrated the 20th Anniversary of Pan Software. From humble beginnings in a small office in Toorak to one of the most recognised names in risk and safety, we have always worked tirelessly to innovate and build the perfect solution for your risk and safety management needs.

Explore the chapters of our history and witness the evolution of our passion, dedication, and success.






Pan is formally founded in a modest office in Toorak, Melbourne, Australia with the goal of creating innovative software solutions.


R1 Release

Pan introduces the Safety Incident Management System, known as SIMS, a predominantly Windows-based application featuring a user-friendly web interface for the convenient reporting of safety incidents. Notably, this technology represented a pioneering advancement during its era. While many competing applications were exclusively Windows-centric, SIMS distinguished itself by incorporating a web-based front-end accessible to front-line staff. This innovation significantly improved user engagement and adoption.


Selected by the Victorian Government

In response to an open tender, a large department within the Victorian State Government recognised the value of SIMS and selects it for their operational needs. Pan's success in this endeavor was attributed to SIMS' modern web based interface and its capacity to support the department in fulfilling its Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) responsibilities.

What's particularly noteworthy is Pan's commitment its "customer for life" philosophy. This guiding principle is exemplified by the fact that this government department remains a valued client to this very day.


Pan is humbled and takes immense pride in this sacred and remarkable two-decade-long partnership.


RiskWare R2 Release

Building upon the success of R1, with several other departments adopting the system, Pan bolsters its workforce by recruiting additional software developers and intensifies its commitment to developing its next-generation product. Recognising that risk management is an essential element to its offering and understanding the industry's preference for entirely web-based applications, Pan undergoes a strategic transformation by rebranding SIMS as RiskWare. This rebranding is accompanied by the launch of a comprehensive, fully web-based application consisting of ten integrated risk modules.


RiskWare R2 Launch

RiskWare officially makes its debut in Australia, accompanied by the legendary cricketer, Max Walker, serving as our designated spokesperson. The response to RiskWare was truly remarkable, as clients eagerly signed up during the conference. It became clear to Pan that they were onto something extraordinary.


Bigger Office

In order to fuel its continued expansion, Pan expands its workforce through new hires, and this growth leads to the outgrowing of its much loved Toorak Office. To adapt to this increasing demand and capitalise on the highly successful adoption of RiskWare R2, the company choses a serviced office located in Camberwell, Melbourne. This move not only accommodates the need for more space but also positions Pan for further success.


Attending WWDC 2011

Pan had the distinct privilege of being chosen to participate in the World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) held in San Francisco, an event hosted by the iconic Steve Jobs, as depicted in the photograph. This particular WWDC marked Steve Jobs' final appearance before his untimely passing, making it a truly historical moment, and it was an immense honor for Pan to be a part of this unique experience. This extraordinary opportunity ultimately led to the successful development and launch of a number of mobile applications, including pocketSafety and pocketAudit.


2011 Consensus Award

In 2011, RiskWare R2 achieved a significant milestone by receiving the prestigious 2011 Consensus Award, which was presented to our CEO George Pantazs, by none other than the Prime Minister, The Honourable Malcolm Turnbull. This remarkable achievement served as a resounding validation and recognition of the unwavering dedication and tireless commitment demonstrated by Pan's exceptional team of employees. It showcased their relentless pursuit of excellence in the development and support of RiskWare, making this award not only a well-deserved acknowledgment but also a testament to their collective efforts and determination.


Cloud First

Pan makes a deliberate and resolute choice to fully embrace cloud computing across all facets of its operations. This significant shift in strategy was unveiled in a unique and memorable manner at a 60's themed risk conference. During this event, senior Pan employees added a touch of whimsy to the occasion by dressing up as the iconic Fab Four, and in a fun and creative way, they formally announced Pan's commitment to a "cloud-first" strategy. This declaration marked a pivotal moment in the company's journey toward harnessing the power of cloud technology for its future growth and innovation.


10 Year Panniversary

Pan commemorates its inaugural Panniversary by indulging in a dell laptop chocolate cake, symbolising the digital age it thrives in. Following this delectable treat, the company proceeds to celebrate this momentous occasion with a company-wide dinner, where employees come together to acknowledge and revel in their shared success. This milestone marks a significant achievement for Pan, highlighting its journey of growth and achievement in the fast paced tech world.


Business Continuity Award

Pan secures the prestigious Business Continuity Award at the annual conference of the Business Continuity Institute of Australia, a recognition bestowed upon the exceptional Business Continuity Module integrated within the RiskWare application . This notable achievement not only reflects Pan's commitment to safeguarding and ensuring business continuity, but also underscores the innovative prowess of the company in developing and implementing cutting-edge solutions. This accolade is a testament to Pan's ethos of innovation and dedication to excellence in the risk management industry.


Introducing the PanPlex

Pan takes a significant step forward by unveiling the PanPlex, a purpose-built office environment in Hawthorn, meticulously crafted to foster innovation and provide a solid foundation for the company's next phase of expansion. The PanPlex is not just a place to work; it's a visionary space that encourages the free flow of ideas and the exploration of new horizons. With cutting-edge amenities and a design space tailored to inspire creativity, the PanPlex quickly evolves into a vibrant hive of tech activity.


100th Client

Pan Software celebrates a remarkable milestone as it welcomes its 100th client into the fold, with Melbourne University's decision to embrace RiskWare following a rigorous and comprehensive tender process. This noteworthy achievement not only underscores the trust that Melbourne University places in RiskWare but also signifies a significant step in the platform's widespread adoption.


Welcome PanPlex II

Pan quickly outgrows the PanPlex. In response to this, Pan embarks on the creation of PanPlex 2. A bespoke facility that carries forward the spirit of the original PanPlex while incorporating state-of-the-art and inviting amenities. This new facility is designed to not only encourage innovation but also to provide a comfortable and inspiring environment that will underpin the company's next phase of growth.

PanPlex 2 is a testament to Pan's unwavering commitment to fostering creativity and facilitating growth. It serves as a symbol of the company's continued dedication to excellence, offering employees a cutting-edge and inviting space where they can thrive, collaborate, and drive innovation forward. This expansion not only represents the evolution of Pan but also its ambitious vision and expansion for the future.


RiskWare R3 Release

Driven by a steadfast commitment to innovation as a central business goal, Pan embarks on a bold and transformative journey by deciding to completely rewrite its core application from the ground up. This ambitious endeavor isn't just a simple update; it involves a comprehensive overhaul of every module within RiskWare R2, leveraging the latest cutting-edge technologies and reimagining the very foundation of the system.

What sets RiskWare R3 apart is its evolution into a no-code GRC platform, designed to empower end-users to effortlessly tailor the application to their unique requirements without the need for extensive developer intervention.
Harnessing the power of SOCRAITES AI, RiskWare R3 isn't just an upgrade; it's a visionary step towards the future, reinforcing Pan's position for sustained success and excellence in the coming years.


RiskWare R3 Launch

RiskWare R3, with SOCRAITES Artificial Intelligence, is officially launched at the Risk Management Institute of Australasia annual conference heralding in its next-gen GRC (Governance, Risk, and Compliance) platform.

RiskWare R3 not only epitomises Pan's dedication to staying at the forefront of technological progress, but also sets a new standard for GRC solutions, offering a comprehensive and intelligent system to address the evolving challenges of the risk industry for years to come.


Australian Business Awards 2023

RiskWare R3 clinches a remarkable double victory, securing recognition in the form of two prestigious accolades: the Australian Business Awards for Software and Product Innovation. This remarkable achievement not only underscores the platform's cutting-edge capabilities but also highlights its substantial potential impact for RiskWare R3 on the risk management industry.



The Best Is Yet To Come